Credit: WENN Photo: Ashley Hebert's Family Gets to Know Brad Womack in Season 15, Episode 8 of The Bachelor

We met Ashley Hebert’s hot tattooed sister, Chrystie, during Ashley’s Bachelor Season 15 hometown date in Maine. ‘Memba her? She just spoke to Hollywood Life about what Ashley looks forin a guy.

“She likes guys with Boston accents and tattoos,” Chrystie joked, adding, “Ashley is looking for someone who is extremely down to earth and someone who is looking to have a good time. She’s not looking for someone who is dramatic, volatile, or [...] has a shady past.”

And yet she’s looking for him on The Bachelorette. Good luck with that! Don’t forget: For every Roberto Martinez there’s a Justin “Rated-R” Rego, Kasey Kahl, and Wes Hayden.

Chrystie continued, “The best way to win her heart is to be down to earth and super fun.” But don’t smoke. And don’t expect to get married right away, since Ashley’s priority is to finish dental school at the University of Pennsylvania.

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