Credit: ABC via WENN

This could be good!

The Bachelor 15 alum Ashley Spivey gets to see episodes of Bachelor Pad 3 in advance so she can prepare her hilarious photo blogs, which are like visual walks of shame.

In teasing tonight’s BP3, Episode 5, Spivey tweeted “I'm not kidding - this week's episode of Bachelor Pad has the craziest ending that I've ever seen.”

Fan Lori Bonari responded, “Is it the "most dramatic rose ceremony EVER"? ;)” Ashley replied, “It is the most dramatic rose ceremony aftermath ever!” Dramatic rose aftermath!

As if that wasn’t enough, BP1 co-winner Natalie Getz tweeted some behind-the-scenes scoop that we won’t get to watch tonight, but should keep in the backs of our minds: "Behind the scenes and what you will not see on the air this Mon: A contestant is so upset that they ask to speak to the shows attorneys to judge if something was fair or not."

Interesting. The ABC press release already teased a “shocking twist” at the cocktail party, so maybe Chris Harrison throws in a random rule change that’s deemed unfair because it knocks someone out.

Whatever happens, just imagine whoever it affects running to the lawyers for backup. Hmm. Who is more likely to go to a lawyer than another lawyer...?

Sources: @AshleySpivey, @NatalieGetz