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What strong feelings you have, pretties. In round 1 of the Wetpaint 2013 Favorite Bachelor Couple Showdown, y’all came out in spades to weigh in on who you love, and who you only love to hate.

And while some things were no surprise — 97% of you love Trista and Ryan more than Bob and Estella? No kidding — others totally caught us off guard. Um, someone better build a time machine, because 70% of you like Emily Maynard better with Arie Luyendyk, Jr. than Jef Holm! What the what?

Though the first stones have been thrown, it’s time to break things down even further. There are some more lopsided pairings here you’ll find easy to vote on, while others may occupy equal portions of your rose-shaped heart. So, let your voices be heard and tell us whose love you love the most.

BP2: Holly Durst/Blake Julian vs. Holly/Michael Stagliano?
Holly Durst and Blake Julian are lovely together these days, but her chemistry with Michael Stagliano was pretty undeniable...

IRL/Bachelorette 5: Arie Luyendyk Jr/Courtney Robertson vs. Ed Swiderski/Jillian Harris
We were a little surprised y’all loved Courtney Robertson with Arie so much. But just like Ed Swiderski’s charming effect on Jillian Harris (and us), we get it.

BP3/IRL: Tony Pieper/Blakeley Jones vs. Jesse Csincsak/Ann Lueders
None of these folks found love on their own seasons, but all found each other afterwards and had some pretty great love stories.

Bachelorette 6/Bachelor 3: Ali Fedotowsky/Roberto Martinez vs. Andrew Firestone/Jen Schefft
Though Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez have both moved on, we have water-colored memories of them and Andrew/Jen too.

BP3/BP2: Kalon McMahon/Lindzi Cox vs. Vienna Girardi/Kasey Kahl
Bachelor Pad has a funny way of making villains into lovers, and with unexpectedly sensitive partners. Everyone has a type...

Bachelorette 1/IRL: Trista Rehn/Ryan Sutter vs. Brad Womack/AshLee Frazier
AshLee Frazier and Trista Sutter both know how to come out of a loss and find great love.

Bachelor 17/Bachelorette 8: Sean Lowe/Catherine Giudici vs. Arie Luyendyk Jr/Emily Maynard
Um. You’re on your own with this one, cuz we have a lot of feelings.

Bachelor 13/BP3: Jason Mesnick/Molly Malaney vs. Chris Bukowski/Sarah Newlon
Being chosen second is common ground for these girls (although in Sarah’s case, she was like Chris Bukowski’s seventh Bachelor makeout).

Bachelorette 7/BP1: JP Rosenbaum/Ashley Hebert vs. Kiptyn Locke/Tenley Molzahn
Two of our favorite couples of all time. Who do you like better?

How was that for you? Sophie’s Choice or a walk in the park? Do tell.