Blink and you might have missed Jay, the 29-year-old Rhode Island lawyer and Bachelorette contestant, because he was one of eight guys sent home by Ali Fedotowsky during Monday's telecast. Jay didn't last long, but that doesn't mean he hasn't settled on which remaining guy Ali should pick: Chris L., the hunky Cape Cod landscaper!

"Chris from Cape Cod was a really good guy. They kind of hit it off really well ... He was really funny and she seemed to really like him initially." But more than just that Jay reveals Chris has another side too, as witnessed by the fact that he didn't tell Ali about his dying mom. "I was happy he didn't get into the whole story about his mom passing away which is terrible," Jay said. "He could've used that card maybe to play that up ... he's a really good guy and I hope it works out for them."

As for Ali and the experience, Jay has no hard feelings: "Ali's gorgeous. She's so nice!"

Source: Us Weekly