Fans of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and its bastard love child, Bachelor Pad (RIP, our redheaded step-son) know that a lot of love happens in that mansion. And while it can sometimes be hard to keep track of which couples are making it work, which of our favorite ladies and gentlemen (and Ed) have moved on to other alumni, and which blasts from the pasts are still going strong, chances are everyone has a favorite twosome.

And since we’re not ones to judge the impact of lost / forbidden / slightly sickening love on fans, we wanted to let YOU decide who the best Bachelor couple of all time is. So, grab your boyfs and sporty friends and hit the brackets to vote on the showdown low-down of the (off) season. We’ve (shoddily) put together a complete (ish) list of the couples we’ve loved and lost and gained and watched find love in a hopeless place.

Each matched pair is facing off for your love — winners of each bracket go on to the next round, with one couple coming out on top in the end. Ready? Set? Rose.

Bachelorette 8: Emily Maynard / Jef Holm vs. Emily Maynard / Arie Luyendyk, Jr.
Jef may have won Emily’s heart, but her connection to Arie all season was palpable.

Bachelorette 1/Bachelor 4: Trista Rehn / Ryan Sutter vs. Bob Guiney / Estella Gardinier
Vintage Bachelor fans remember watching Bob chase Trista, only to lose out to fireman Ryan. Now’s the time to tell the truth: was his Bachelor Season 4 love journey better than Trista’s?

Bachelor 14/BP1: Tenley Molzahn / Jake Pavelka vs. Tenley Molzahn / Kiptyn Locke
The Season 14 almost-loves broke up... but then, so did Tens and her Bachelor Pad boyf Kiptyn. Which was harder for you to take?

BP3/Bachelor 7: Kalon McMahon / Lindzi Cox vs. Charlie O’Connell / Sarah Brice
Charlie O’Connell, the most (pre-show) famous person to look for love has had an interesting relationship with his Season 7 winner Sarah, and Lindzi Cox’s union with BP3 partner Kalon threw us for a loop. Whose fascinates you more?

BP3: Chris Bukowski / Sarah Newlon vs. Chris Bukowski / Jamie Otis
Oh, Chris B. The hottie with the naughty dating habits hooked up with both girls during BP3, but which one had the better chemistry with the Bachelorette 8 castoff?

Bachelor 17: Sean Lowe / Catherine Giudici vs. Sean Lowe / Lindsay Yenter
We’re happy with how things turned out, but we would’ve been stoked on Lindsay too. You be the judge: Did Sean make the right choice?

Bachelorette 7/2: JP Rosenbaum / Ashley Hebert vs. Meredith Phillips / Ian McKee 
Meredith and Ian’s engagement ended while Team Cupcake is still going strong.

Bachelorette 6/BP2: Roberto Martinez / Ali Fedotowsky vs. Kasey Kahl / Erica Rose
Both couples are kaput, but which breakup broke your heart, too?

IRL/Bachelor 16: Courtney Robertson / Arie vs. Courtney / Ben Flajnik
Courtney is gorgeous, but which guy was better for her model life?

Bachelor 15/IRL: Brad Womack / Emily Maynard vs. Brad / AshLee Frazier
Brad and Emily had a beautiful courtship but an ugly end while BrashLee is just getting started...

Bachelor 13: Jason Mesnick / Molly Malaney vs. Jason / Melissa Rycroft
Even Jason was torn on this one at first... Did his change from Mel to Molls make you smile or cry?

Bachelor 14/BP2: Vienna Girardi / Jake Pavelka vs. Vienna / Kasey Kahl
It’s a tough Kahl which dude was better for the Florida gal, but then again, we Jake around a lot about Vienna’s love life.

BP2/BP3: Michael Stagliano / Holly Durst vs. Michael / Rachel Truehart
Although Michael’s relationship with Holly ended ugly, they were great together until the bitter end. Kinda how we felt when El Stago told Rachel about his girlfriend back home...

Bachelor 12/BP2: Matt Grant / Shayne Lamas vs. Blake Julian / Holly Durst
And speaking of Holly... That turned out well for her. As for Matt and Shayne? Um, that was a little uglier... but entertaining, nonetheless.

BP3: Blakeley Jones / Tony Pieper vs. Blakeley / Chris Bukowski
Neither one worked out in the end, although one involved a ring and the other a bout of name calling.

Bachelorette 5/BP3: Ed Swiderski / Jillian Harris vs. Ed / Jaclyn Swartz
Ed and his pal pickle talked some good game with our favorite Canadian, but ended up not being right for Jilly or BP3 pal Jax.

IRL/Bachelorette 4: Jesse Csincsak / Ann Lueders vs. Jesse / DeAnna Pappas
Did we spell that right? Everything happens for a reason...

Bachelor 3/Bachelorette 3: Jen Schefft / Andrew Firestone vs. Jen / Jerry Ferris
Look, we just love Jen Schefft.

Alright, the couples are in. Did we miss one? Nominate a pair (in the comments) to skip the first round and move straight into the next.