Credit: The Soup TV

According to tin-foil hat enthusiasts and people who’ll accept any excuse for a big party, tomorrow is the end of the world! We dunno, it’s something to do with Mayan calendars or whatever. Whether or not the world ends, a group of reality stars have bravely stepped up to accept the blame for ruining it, including Bachelor Pad star Kalon McMahon and Season 7 Bachelor Charlie O’Connell.

E! gathered this gaggle of reality celebs to sing a hilarious parody of “We Are The World” for The Soup’s “End of World Spectacular” clip show. What Charlie and Kalon lack in singing talent they more than make up for with sense of humor. There’s nothing more sexy than a guy who can laugh at himself!

Credit: The Soup TV Photo: Watch Charlie O’Connell and Kalon McMahon on The Soup on E!