Allow us to set the Bachelor Pad 3 scene: Chris Bukowski asks Blakeley Jones to partner up with him — simply meaning that the two will compete in challenges together in order to win immunity and stay in the $250K competition. No rings, no roses, no vows.

The next night, Blakeley discovers Chris making out with Jamie Otis — and “busts through the door” (Chris’s words) demanding answers, seeming hurt, and feeling betrayed by Chris to the point that she later cries on camera over the ordeal. She says, “Chris 1000% disappointed me as a partner.” Ouch.  

Perhaps her feelings for Chris run deeper than his, because even she admits, “He’s not my boyfriend.” But do you think she’s justified in getting so upset with him — did he actually do anything wrong, or is Blakeley seriously overreacting?   

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