Nick Peterson must be allergic to cameras. He’s as elusive to Bachelor Pad 3 as Jamie Otis’ self-esteem. Even William Holman had more screen time on BP2.

But Nick can’t play Waldo anymore. He’s now partnered with the “widow” Rachel Truehart, who lost her romantic partner in Michael Stagliano.

“Nick stumbled upon not only a great partner, but a business partner,” Chris Harrison teases to TV Guide. “They know they're in it for the game and not a relationship. So they may be one of the better couples in the house, oddly enough.”

The Rosemaster says Episode 6 will also include a spelling bee with real and Bachelor-invented words. (Like these, maybe?) “Nick finally gets to speak on the show because he has to,” Chris says, “and I'll say this: he people you think are going to do well may not do so well. You may be stunned [by] who does.”

Considering the preview for next week showed Ed Swiderski and Jaclyn Swartz on a date, we’re guessing one of the spelling bee words is either p-i-c-k-l-e or b-o-o-z-e.

Source: TV Guide