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Rosemaster Chris Harrison has already teased the holy heck out of Monday’s Bachelor Pad 3 finale, but ABC really wants you to understand it will be “the most shocking finale in Bachelor Pad history.”

In what way? “Tensions will run high, tears will flow and two housemates will come to blows as some of the most memorable and notorious contestants sit down in the hot seat to hash out their drama from the season.”

Just put them in a pit and make them fight it out!

We’ll also reportedly “find out which couples are still together when the house relationships are put in the spotlight.” And by spotlight they mean Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart will make these faces at each other (or at least be edited to appear that way) while Jamie Otis hisses at Chris Bukowski. Bring popcorn — and make sure to check out the promo below!

Source: ABC press release

Credit: The Huffington Post Photo: Bachelor Pad 3 Finale Promo: Who Is Rachel Truehart Cussing Out? (VIDEO)