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Here’s the thing — if you don’t like Reid Rosenthal, then we probably don’t like you. This guy melted our hearts on The Bachelorette Season 5 when Jillian Harris turned down his surprise Hawaiian proposal, and more recently we’ll watch him use his big beautiful brain as he schemes to win a quarter million dollars on Bachelor Pad 3. If you’re still not sure how you feel about this swoon-worthy Philadelphia realtor, allow us to convince you with five fun facts.   

1. He’s a bit neurotic.
Reid is the kind of guy who lives in his own head — in fact, one could argue that his neurotic, second-guessing nature is what held him back from winning Jillian Harris’s heart. He freely admitted during The Bachelorette, “I tend to overanalyze things.” This, of course, is part of Reid’s nebbish charm, but this self-professed hypochondriac just has to find the right woman to be charmed by it. (It’s us.)

Credit: ABC

2. He wears adorable glasses (sometimes).
What is it about guys with glasses? Well, OK — not all guys, but Reid really can rock some sexy spectacles. When he deliberated about whether to wear his glasses or contacts on a one-on-one date with Jillian we couldn’t help but swoon because this guy makes overthinking date fashion adorable (see #1, above). Also, Reid — always wear the glasses! Duh.

3. His typical date: Burgers and sex!
Post-Bachelorette life has been very good to Reid. In fact, he spent the last couple years dating Miss USA 2009, Kristen Dalton — not too shabby. When we talked with Reid about what their typical date was like, he reveals: “We go get a burger, we make fun of each other, we get in a fight about nothing, and then we make love.” Now that the two have split up, we’re thinking burgers and spooning sounds better than ever.

4. Oh yeah — and he did this.

Credit: YouTube Photo: When Reid Rosenthal Proposed to Jillian Harris [VIDEO]

5. He’s on Twitter, y’all!
The only thing better than a member of Bachelor Nation being on Twitter is when they expertly know how to use Twitter. Well, meet @reidrosenthal1. This guy is a Twitter pro — he’ll retweet, live-tweet and hashtag like nobody’s business. Even better is watching him interact with his Bachelor Nation brethren, which he does a lot.

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