Whether you love him or hate him, chances are you could pick Bachelor Pad 3’s Kalon McMahon out of a lineup... unless he didn’t quite look like himself.

Kalon and pals took to Vegas this weekend to celebrate Halloween and being young and such, and the love-to-hate Bachelorette alum had quite the costume. He instagrammed a picture of himself dressed as his former competitor, Jef Holm, with the caption “@jefholm Took your advice and ditched the chopper for a skateboard.”

Credit: Twitter

A friend of the funny guy also posted a pic of K with a doll (Is that supposed to be Ricki? Eek.) in an elevator, sporting a People Water shirt, faded jean jacket, and preppy, colored pants (Chuck Bass called, he wants his pocket scarf back).

For a guy sporting a peace sign all night, Kalon sure likes to start s***. But we think it’s pretty funny — what about you? Harmless prank or uncalled-for call out?

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