If we tried to list all the reasons why we adore Lindzi Cox, we’d be here all day. But the biggest is that she’s so fun-loving. (It might also be the reason she clicks so well with Kalon McMahon!) For example, check out how she channeled her inner five-year-old when she hit the skating rink last night!

Credit: Lindzi Cox on Instagram Photo: Lindzi Cox Ice Skating

Lindzi shared this awesome pic of her skating attire on Instagram. Decked out in a tutu and tiara, one follower on Twitter thought she must be at a bachelorette party. Nope — that’s just how Lindzi rolls! “I was a real hit with the 5 year old girls on the rink, they loveeeeeed my frock,” Lindsay tweeted. We must be in touch with our inner children, too, because this is totally working for us.
Source: Lindzi Cox’s Twitter


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