We fell in love with Reid Rosenthal on The Bachelorette Season 5, when Jillian Harris brutally rejected his Hawaiian proposal. But then, guys? Then he and his thick-framed glasses emerged on Bachelor Pad 3, where he epically failed in the most adorable way ever.

This dude is currently single and ready to mingle –– in fact, he's ready to mingle all over the place! Reid recently signed up for Grouper, a social networking site that sets up drinks between three guy friends and three girlfriends. So, how did his first date go? Not well.

Turns out Reid has a deal-breaker when it comes to dating, and said deal breaker is women who own cats. "One of the girls had a cat (which is a deal breaker) named Condoleeza Rice," Reid tweeted after his date on February 8th.

Um, the only way Condoleeza Rice is an acceptable name for a cat is if it has a kitty boyfriend named Jack Donaghy. Otherwise, consider us horrified. But what's with Ried hating on cat ladies? No one understands our plight like our four-legged friends.

Source: Twitter