In tonight’s Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 2, Emily Maynard sent three guys packing: Joe Gendreau, Aaron Martell, and Kyle Dillon. Aaron showed early promise as a dashing high school biology teacher (even if his premiere nonprescription eyeglasses were a bit much). Kyle barely had any screentime to showcase his personality, whereas we got an eye full of the gregarious Joe (remember how he heckled “Emilyyyyyy!” on opening night?).

Last week, Em sent Brent, Jackson, Jean-Paul, David, Randy, and Lerone packing. We’re now down to just 17 bachelors, including — surprisingly — Kalon McMahon, who got into a major tiff with one Mr. Stevie in tonight’s episode.

Do you agree with who Emily sent a’packin’? Or, do you think she should’ve cut a different crop of guys?