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We’re in the final stretch of The Bachelorette Season 8, and Emily Maynard is well aware of the pressure facing her as she meets the families of each of her final four guys. In the extended preview for Episode 9, Emily is visibly choked up about her looming rose ceremony decision. Here’s what to expect in Season 8, Episode 9:


First stop: Chicago! Emily goes home with Chris Bukowski, who takes her on a walking tour of the Windy City and apologizes for his many feelings in Prague. According to the ABC press release, “Emily feels instantly comfortable with Chris' tight-knit family, but they are worried he will end up broken hearted. Will Chris take a giant leap of faith and share the depth of his true feelings for her?” Poor Chris! So many feelings, but we already know he gets cut and doesn’t make it to Curacao. There’s a silver lining, however: Chris is now filming Bachelor Pad 3! Here’s to hoping he finds true love with Ben Flajnik’s ex Rachel Truehart (they’d be perfect together!).


Emily meets Jef Holm at his family’s huge ranch in St. George, Utah — but she won’t be meeting his parents, who are Mormon missionaries currently based in South Carolina. Jef is very close to all of his siblings (and even has a tattoo on his arm of all of their initials), and is also bashful in front of them, making sure to keep his distance from Emily while in front of his family. Before meeting the brothers and sisters Holm, Jef takes Em shooting. Spoiler alert: Jef Holm has some cowboy in him! Then, dunh dunh dunh, the ABC press release teases: “Jef has one more surprise for Emily - and it's one of the most romantic hometown moments in Bachelorette history.”


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Emily revisits her racing roots with Arie Luyendyk, Jr. in Arizona. They spend the day at a racetrack, where Em rides in the car with Arie. “The couple’s breathtaking spin around the track leaves Emily happy and exhilarated,” teases the ABC release. But things quickly take a turn for the awkward when Arie’s family speaks Dutch in front of Emily, which makes her feel like a totally outsider. “It’s like there was an invisible wall. It was very awkward,” Emily says. Arie’s mom, Mieke, then pulls Emily aside for an emotional heart-to-heart. Fun fact: Arie’s dad, Arie Luydendyk, Sr. was once named one of People’s Most Beautiful People.


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Emily not only meets Sean Lowe’s darling parents, but also his sister Shay and her husband Andrew, as well as their two kids. Fun fact: Sean introduced Shay to her now-husband, who was then a college football teammate. Sean plays a joke on Emily, pretending to still live at home and be super into stuffed animals. Luckily, Sean most definitely does not live at home — but the jury’s out as to whether he’s got a stuffed animal collection at his grown-up house in Dallas.

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