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Running around the world with someone you may get engaged to in the end sounds like pretty much the best way to spend the spring. But for Season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock, it’s the hometown dates that really matter. After all, that’s when her own fairytale with Sean Lowe during The Bachelor Season 17 came crashing down. So, which guys will have their chance to make a big impression (or, you know let their families be total D-Bags to the person they want to marry)?

Credit: Reality Steve Photo: Chris Siegfried

Reality Steve got the scoop from inside sources, and the results are in. The four men who will take Des down to hometowns are: Chris SiegfriedBrooks ForesterDrew Kenney, and Zak Waddell.

The SOP is that the Bachelorette gets to go to the hometowns of her final four suitors, meet their families, and get more info on whether or not she wants to spend the rest of her Thanksgivings with ‘em. If Chris, Brooks, Drew, and Zak (wow, really love the single syllable fellas, eh Des?) are indeed part of the fold, Des will be able to stay close to the West Coast, for the most part.

27-year-old Chris makes his home in Seattle, although he’s originally from McMinnville, Oregon, and that's where his hometown date was filmed on April 20. And while Brooks hangs in SLC these days (no, we don’t know if he and Jef-With-One-F are BFF or not), he hails from Boise, Idaho. But according to Steve, Des and her heavily camera'd crew jetted off to the SLC on April 22 for that one. 

Credit: Reality Steve Photo: Brooks Forester

As for the last two guys, Zak lives near San Antonio, TX, and Drew lives in Scottsdale, AZ. We haven't yet heard about Des's hometowns with them, but expect to soon, as all the dates are usually filmed in quick succession.

And hey. Way to pick the guys who live in towns with their own airports. With such a quick turn-around time between dates, it would have been a shame to spend all her time riding in cars without boys.

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