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Desiree Hartsock has almost wrapped up filming The Bachelorette 2013, and thanks to Spoiler King Reality Steve, we know that she's narrowed her harem of hotties down to just a few lucky gents: two of whom are likely Oregon native Chris Siegfried, and sexy part-time model Brooks Forester! Both of these studs have great credentials, but the time has come to get to know them — like, on a deeper level.

Credit: Reality Steve

First up is Chris Siegfried, the hunky 28-year-old who played for the Chicago Cubs organization as a pitcher. That's right, we have a pro-athlete on our hands! But the fun doesn't stop there — when Chris isn't working for HomeStreet Bank Mortgage Lending in Seattle, he can be found voguing as a part-time model. That's how good looking he is.

Of course, this stunner has beauty and brains, and graduated from University of Portland's Entrepreneur Scholars Program before landing a job with Adidas. We can only assume he has a collection of fabulous footwear — much like Desiree herself!

There's no doubt that Chris is a major league catch (get it? Baseball references), but let's not forget about Brooks Forester. This dreamy man beauty is from Boise, Idaho, and works as a sales rep at Fit Marketing. His website's "About Me" section describes him as an "adventurer, athlete and model" (um, yes please), so yeah — he's totally Desiree's type.

Credit: Reality Steve

And fear not — Brooks is also a smartypants (he graduated with a degree from University of Utah) and he's also a model, because apparently all the cool kids these days flirt with the camera in their free time. By the way, Brooks is one of ten children, so we have a feeling he's used to having a big family — something that is super important to our girl Des!

Which of these hotties do you think is the best match for Desiree? Hit the poll! Oh, and we'll leave you with these parting words courtesy of Brooks: "Inspiration, creativity, learning, and laughter are paramount in his pursuit of happiness."

Real talk.

Source: Reality Steve