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Desiree Hartsock's Bachelorette love journey is almost upon us, and our bodies are officially ready for shirtless hotties, unfortunate pick-up lines, and plenty of manmotions, manscara, and mantanks.

Thanks to ABC's tantalizing episode synopsis for The Bachelorette's Season 9 premiere on May 27, we know that "one nervous guy tries to sweep [Des] off her feet with a romantic dance move, but falls flat; a sleight-of-hand artist makes something special magically appear for Desiree," and "a hunky oil rig worker puts his amazing abs on display."

Yes, you read that right — an oil rig worker sashays out of the limo and immediately flashes his abs (check out a sneak peek here)! So, who is this mysterious, oil-covered fellow? Turns out the man in question is none other than Zak Waddell, an engineer from San Antonio with a deep passion for mud-drilling. All we know is that boyfriend frolics around shirtless in pits of dirt, and is a self-certified expert in "drilling fluids," which makes him our favorite person, like, ever.

Apparently, Zak and his abs of steel make quite the impression on Desiree — in fact, boyfriend ends up in her final four, which means Desiree takes a trip to his native land during Hometown Dates! We can't wait to see Zak in all his muddy glory, and we fully expect him to drill fluids like there's no tomorrow.

Source: ABC Press Release

Credit: Entertainment Tonight Photo: Watch: First Look at Bachelorette Season 9! Abs, Armor, and Amor!