The hills are alive with the sound of Season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock’s love life coming to, um, real life. You know, on reality TV. That’s right, friends (and foes who will soon be friends): The time has come to talk about Des’s final four dudes. We doff our proverbial fedoras (because who really wears those) to Reality Steve, who has provided us with this most handsome list of fellas. So, who’s getting hometown dates with Desi?

1. Brooks Forester
After her visit to the Pacific Northwest, Des headed off to the Beehive State to hang with super hottie Fit Marketing sales rep / part-time model (seeing a pattern here?) Brooks in Salt Lake City. Again, we’re not sure yet how it went, but our money is on this tall drink of water to take home the final rose — and Reality Steve agrees.

Credit: Reality Steve

2. Chris Siegfried
As we mentioned a couple days ago, Des filmed her hometown date with Seattle resident / Oregon native Chris on April 20. We’re not sure what the two did, or if he got a rose — the rose ceremony was on April 23 — but we’re sure that it was something that involved them being incredibly attractive and sweet together. Because all signs point to Chris being a pretty solid dude with a good job as a production partner at HomeStreet Bank Mortgage Lending and a part-time gig as a model. Winner winner, probably can afford some dinner!

3. Zak Waddell
Jump-start our hearts because Texas native Zak looks like he can definitely work the drill. Which, um, he’d better be able to since the 31-year-old works as a drilling engineer at AIP Incorporated. But he’s more than just a pretty face with a sweet smile — he’s a smarty pants, too! He has a BS in Psychology and English from Texas A&M and a Masters of Humanities in Politics and Philosophy from University of Dallas. "I have a solid knowledge of Drilling Processes with an expertise in Drilling Fluids," Zak says on his LinkedIn page, and our minds wander shamelessly.

4. Drew Kenney
Who? You might ask. Oh, girl (or boy. We don’t discriminate), you don’t even know! The beautiful Ford Model (he won model of, like, the millenium or something. Our computers imploded, so we’re only partly sure) is a Scottsdale, Arizona dweller with close family ties. He can be seen holding his darling niece in several pictures and makes time to hang with his peeps when he’s not traveling the world for fun or money. According to his LinkedIn profile, Drew also has a BS in Business Administration from Arizona State and he works as a bartender, and at Van Tuyl Auto Group as a CRM / Marketing Coordinator.

So, there you have it. Looks like she kept everything West of the Mississippi (and yes, we spelled that from memory. Thank you, second grade). What do you think: Which of these hotties takes your breath away like a Tom Cruise movie and which of them do you want to win Des’s heart?

Source: Reality Steve / LinkedIn