Credit: Instagram

Looks like Desiree Hartsock is hoping to find love in the Boardwalk Empire! reports that The Bachelorette is filming in Atlantic City this week.

Spies for the site have spotted Desiree, the cast, and the crew enjoying the amenities at A.C. hotel and casino Revel; but they also took excursions to Steel Pier, Absecon Light, and House of Blues.

For those of you unfamiliar — and we did a little Internet sleuthing ourselves — Steel Pier is an amusement park boasting many thrill rides; Absecon Light is New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse; and House of Blues is, of course, that nationwide chain of restaurant/concert halls.

Let’s just hope that Desiree’s dates went well and that she didn’t have to hijack the lighthouse to send out S.O.S. signals!