Credit: Reality Steve

Desiree Hartsock went bridal for her very first one-on-one date! The lucky gent in question? None other than Brooks Forester, a hunky sales rep from Salt Lake City who describes himself as an "adventurer, athlete and model." Sounds just like Des' type!

Credit: Reality Steve

These two hit up Los Angeles' famous Sunset Boulevard in a sweet set of wheels, and then fed each other cupcakes while onlookers cheered. And the craziest part? They were dressed up as a bride and groom! 

"Des' date with Brooks is on Sunset Blvd," Spoiler King Reality Steve tweeted on March 16th. "They are dressed like they just got married, fed each other cupcakes, & took ?'s from people..."

Yep, Brooks was all suited up in black tie, while Desiree rocked a gorgeous white chiffon gown. There's no denying that these two make a pretty cute married couple, and Brooks must have made a great first impression if he landed the first date card! Which is weird, since his interactions with Des the first night seemed hella awkward, right?

Do you think this dynamic duo are a perfect match, or should Des keep looking? Hit the comments!

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