Credit: Instagram

There have been a lot of darling entrances on The Bachelorette — helicopters, skateboards — you know, the lot. So, what was it on Desiree Hartsock’s Season 9 premiere that made producer Robert Mills tweet, “We just had BY FAR the cutest limo entrance ever. #Bachelorette”? Well, Reality Steve reveals that it trumps any other in history for a reason.

So, what happened? Well, basically, when Ben Scott rolled up, it was over for the other contestants. Instead of getting out of the limo himself, Ben first sent his darling four-year-old son Brody out of the car to hand Des a rose.

That’s pretty much the Bachelorette version of a rose-shaped mic drop. The 28-year-old Dallas resident has been single and ready to mingle for years, so don’t expect any ex-wife to wander back into the picture and throw Ben under a bus (or limo) — he never married Brody’s mom, according to Reality Steve.

How far will Ben make it? Check back for more info soon. What would you think if a darling child repped his pops — roses or rousted?

Source: Twitter, Reality Steve