Ali Fedotowsky spent most of her time on The Bachelorette Season 6 traipsing around in Chuck Taylors and making us want to run up San Francisco hills with her in cute denim and stripes. But since her stint as the ABC lead, she’s had a few years to grow into a new style — one fitting of the host of NBC show 1st Look. On the show, Ali jets off to brand new restaurant destinations to take down food challenges and gussy up pizzas — all while showing off her fabulous clothes.

But seeing as Ali is always on the run — when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the petite blonde, she was on her way from L.A. to New York for a short stopover before jetting off again to Chicago — she’s gotta have the right pieces to toss in her bag. And since she’s slammed with the quest to be the best TV personality around (um, check), she relies on her friends at Opensky to help dress her.

Ali gave us the rundown on some of her favorite pieces to wear. “I’m a very normal sized girl,” Ali says of dressing cute while living in LA. “Some of these girls (in LA)  just get really skinny, but I wear a size 27 jeans.” Her favorite pair is a light-washed denim 5 pocket skinny from Tractr, which she loves pairing with flowy tops and funky necklaces.

In fact, Ali can be frequently seen wearing trendy and affordable drop necklaces in bright colors — both on 1st Look and on her guest starring spots on E!. Whether she pairs them with a plain white tee or adds a pop of contrast to a colorful outfit, it’s a safe bet that she’ll figure out a way to make a statement necklace speak for itself.

Other favorite outfits included a leather jacket she wore horseback riding, and a plaid shirt that stood up to the test of a
1st Look-ordered sandwich mess. Which begs the question: what do you wear when you’re going to go eat an eight pound sandwich on national television?