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Oh Ryan Bowers, we... something you.

After watching Ryan smooth-talk
Emily Maynard while sporting blue suede shoes on The Bachelorette, we wondered what his ideal girl might look like. Obviously, he wanted someone thin — remember that one time he said he’d still love his wife if she gained a little weight, he just “wouldn’t love on her”? OH, and a trophy-type girl is his dream. Remember how he kept saying Em would be a perfect trophy wife? That went well.

Credit: Twitter

Well, it seems he finally found someone who could live up to all the things he “needs” in a wife. So, who’s the lucky lady puckering up for the personal trainer? Her name is Ana Christina Rodriguez and she seems pretty darn stoked to be with Bowers. According to Ana’s Twitter profile, the Texas-dweller is a “Jesus Lover, Miss Texas USA 2011, 3rd Runner Up Miss USA, Page 713 Model, Life/Pageant Coach & Consultant, Motivational Speaker, CTX Grad & Athlete, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Advocate.” Which is a lot.

Oh yeah, and as for that trophy thing? She’s cool with it. Ana tweeted, “I'm a "trophy" bc God has blessed me w/ certain qualities... as a woman...& I'm grateful he recognizes them!” While she lives in Texas and Ryan is based out of Georgia, there’s a billion pictures of them on Twitter, so we’re assuming they still see plenty of one another. Although, both are super into G-O-D, so they probably don’t see all of each other, if you catch our drift...

Source: Twitter