Credit: Giorgio’s Restaurant on Facebook Photo: Constantine Tzortzis, Mickey McLean, Maria Tzortzis and Lucas Daniels in Georgia on August 1, 2011

They may not be sharing a future with Ashley Hebert, but Constantine Tzortzis, Mickey McLean, and Lucas Daniels didn’t leave the show empty-handed... They made lifelong friends during their journey!

Mickey is from Ohio, Lucas lives in Texas, and Constantine's from Georgia — but what's a thousand miles or so between friends? This photo from Constantine's family restaurant, Giorgio's, shows the 3rd place contestant out for drinks in Venice Beach, California, with Mickey, Lucas, and his sister, Maria Tzortzis.

Speaking of which, you know what else probably helps ease the sting of not finding love on national TV? Going out for drinks with your new friend’s superhot sister.

Just sayin’.

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