Credit: Instagram

Remember back in the day when you used to dress up in matching outfits with your American Girl Doll? Emily Maynard is right there with you (OMG, she is so a Kirsten). This Bachelorette beauty is in New York City for Fashion Week with with her fiance, Jef Holm, and they made a pit stop at Em's personal mecca, The American Girl Doll Store.

Check out this picture of Emily and her haul, which Jef captioned "This is my nightmare... dolls on dolls on dolls. #AmericanGirl #SaveMe."

We see right through you Miss Maynard. Sure, you want us to think those toys are for Ricki, but we all know you secretly dress your cats up as Josephina and force them to eat miniature plastic tortillas.

Also, please let a matchy-matchy Carolina Abbott outfit be in that big box. We'd love to see Em all decked out as a wayward youth, circa The War of 1812.

Source: Instagram