Credit: Instagram

In the wake of all the rumors about Bachelorette Emily Maynard and Jef Holm's relationship, we often find ourselves wondering about the small flaxen-haird child commonly known as Ricki Hendrick. This little lady's momma is weave-deep in tabloid scandal, but fear not — Emily always puts Ricki first. Especially when her reputation is on the line!

Despite salacious rumors that Emily is paying Jef Holm to stay with her (hah, as if — their love is pure!), Em and Ricki are having more fun than ever, and they have the photos to prove it. Check out this adorable photobooth series of Em and her adorable daughter giggling up a storm, which Emily aptly titled "girl talk."

These two couldn't look more identical! And we love that Ricki has finally learned what a blazer is. Girl is growing up so fast.

Source: Instagram