Credit: ABC via WENN

So much for the idea that Emily Maynard might pick Jef Holm for his money. Yeah, he's a co-founder of People Water in Utah, but Jef told reporters there's no way Em was attracted to him for his financial stability, despite what Joe Gendreau suggested in his exit interview. It was all about his hair their connection.

"I know for a fact that it's 100% percent our chemistry together — that's why she's attracted to me," Jef said. "And we have never had one time, never one time on the show actually at all period, ever talked about financial things or money or anything like that. And she actually mentioned to me one time — I can't remember when it was — I think it's coming up in our next stop, I don't know if it's on camera or not, but she actually mentioned that she thought I still lived at home. So she had no idea that I — she has no idea about my financial status, and she never did and I never knew anything about hers. It was just completely two people getting to know each other and finding out if they like each other."

So she was really into him even while thinking he lived at home? Where were he and Ricki going to hold their dance parties — in his parents' basement?

Source: Reality TV World