Credit: Instagram

Emily Maynard is back from her charitable trip to Africa, which means it's time to strip out of her combat boots, peel off her cut-offs, and get back to basics: Bright pink bodycon dresses. Sigh, it's about time.

Check out this va-va-voom worthy pic that Emily posted of herself with her bestie (and Bachelorette crew member) Amy Bean! She's draped in pink (the color of her Barbie foremothers), she's wearing her signature turquoise earrings, her hair is curled, and she's rocking a hilarious amount of bracelets. Basically, all is right with the world again.

Of course, Emily is still missing her glitter and sequins, but baby steps guys. If you want to snag an exact copy of this Bachelorette's racerback ribbed Alexander McQueen dress, head over to Saks Fifth Ave and get it on sale for just $146!

Source: Instagram, Possessionista, Saks