It's a good thing Peyton Wright isn't the jealous type.

Bachelorette fan Julie Zaks of Dorcester, Massachusetts, recently enjoyed a "surreal" lunch date with Season 6 fan favorite Chris Lambton. Julie won Chris's time in a raffle after donating $90 to the 7th Annual NOAH Telethon, a fundraiser for a homeless shelter in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Of her win, Julie said, "I nearly fell down." When she watched Ali Fedotowsky’s season of The Bachelorette, she cheered for Chris because he's a fellow Massachusetts resident.

As we know, Ali ended up choosing Roberto Martinez over Chris, who still works at  E. Lambton Landscaping in Dennis, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. He's currently dating Bachelor and Bachelor Pad alumnus, Peyton Wright, who lives in Texas.

"The reality show thing can be used to give back," said Chris, who gets lots of requests to help out with charities. "It's bizarre. A year ago, I was just here on Cape Cod working with my brother. I was nobody. Now, I was in an airport the other day and a girl came up to me and asked to her have picture taken with me. It's definitely been life-changing."