Emily Maynard has amazing taste in clothes considering that she's an old spinster, but her final rose ceremony dress blows everything else out of the water. She looks drop dead gorgeous, and we're so happy she isn't wearing her Cleopatra clip-in!

According to our girl Dana Weiss and her Possessionista Fashion Blog, Em is rocking a Jean Fares gown for her big night, and apparently she loved it. The dress is completely gorgeous, with intricate beadwork and soft, flowy chiffon — and it makes Emily look like a fancy Greek goddess. Arie and Jef are going to be weak at the knees! In fact, we fully expect Jef's hair coif to deflate at the mere sight of her.

So, which lucky gent is going to spend the rest of their life with Emily and this dress? Click here to find out!

Source: Possessionista