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Last time we checked on Emily Maynard, she was ugly crying on the beaches of Curacao. Yet, as bad as we feel for her and her glitter-loving heart, all we can think about is the fabulous hotel she stayed in. In the words of Liz Lemon, we want to go to there.

Credit: Sirena Bay

Emily spent her 9-night stay in Curacao at Sirena Bay Estate, a charming property with three guest suites, an apartment wing, and a special little house for VIPs. It's pretty much the most luxurious place to hang on the island, so suffice to say we plan on booking a trip stat. 

If you want to reenact Em's trip to Curacao, make sure to stay in Sirena Bay's Pineapple Suite, where Em enjoyed a teakwood bed, glass pineapple chandelier, bathroom spa, and her own private beach!

In other news, "Sirena" is the Papiamentu word for "mermaid" which might explain that bejeweled maxi fright-fest Emily wore to last week's rose ceremony. 

Source: Sirena Bay

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