The time has come to feast on a yule log and dress your boyfriend up like Jef Holm. Yes, the holidays are upon us, which means you finally have an excuse to give your man a complete collection of Jef-approved gifties, including but not limited to knee socks and pomade.

And yes, the Coif Gods have blessed this list, so buying these items will basically start you on a path of spiritual enlightenment. You're welcome.

1. White Converse

Jef decked himself out in white Chucks during most of his time on The Bachelorette, and he looked adorable while doing so. Buy a pair at Converse for $50.

2. People Water T-Shirt

When he isn't wearing flannels and man-tanks, Jef can be seen sporting a snazzy shirt from his company, People Water. These bad boys will only set you back $24.95 and 25% of your purchase goes toward a clean water project!

3. Ray-Ban Sunnies

Credit: Instagram

Jef doesn't go anywhere without his signature Ray-Ban Wayfarers. They are basically permanently affixed to his eyeballs –– presumably to protect fangirls from igniting into flames at his studly gaze. Snatch up a pair for just $150!

4. Louis Vuitton Computer Case

If you want to get really fancy this Christmas, check out Jef's tricked out Louis Vuitton laptop case! It can be yours for a whopping $860, so you might need to cash in that Christmas bonus...

5. Coiftastic Pomade

Jef's hair holds all the secrets to the universe. It's buoyant, bouncy, and only gets tastier with age, much like a good cheddar cheese. If the Jef Holm in your life is in desperate need of haircare, check out Murray's famous super-light pomade for just $3!

6. Knee Socks

Credit: ABC

Jef decided to wear khaki shorts and knee socks during a cuddle-session with Emily, and our lives haven't been the same since. So, where can you find these delicate beauties? Brooks Brothers for $29.50. Also, for more knee sock glory, please see Mario Lopez.

7. Super Cool Skateboard

You might recall that Jef skated his way into Emily's heart, and even gave her lessons! If you'd like to recreate the moment, check out this board from REI for $120. We have no idea what it does, but we think it might wheel around on the ground or something. (Sports aren't our specialty.)