Credit: via Frank Neuschaefer's Facebook page Photo: Frank Neuschaefer With Girlfriend Nicole
Remember good old Frank Neuschaefer? Of course you do. For the majority of The Bachelorette's sixth season, we were convinced he would be Ali Fedotowsky's number one man. That is, until he left her in the lurch (in Bora Bora, no less!) for his long-time love Nicole Caruso back in Chicago.

Good news for everyone, though: Frank and Nicole are still a couple. Frank recently wrote on his Facebook wall: "hey everybody! just another thank you for all those people that have been so good to me throughout all of this. without a doubt, the best part of this whole experience has been the incredible people i have met. people i never would have met otherwise. i'm a lucky guy... nicole and i are doing really well... regardless of what anybody wants to say about it, i made the best decision to leave the show. nicole is fabulous... i love that girl. :)"

Source: Facebook