How much would you love Blake Julian to perform oral surgery on you? Sure, this dude is known for his stint on Bachelor Pad (where he fell in love with Michael Stagliano's ex-fiance, Holly Durst), but before he was spray tanning his six-pack, Blake was a doctor! Well, a dentist, to be more specific. We'd seriously pay, like, a million imaginary dollars to let this hunk put braces on us.

Nowadays, Blake has his own dental practice in South Carolina, and he's prepping for an appearance on The Doctors on Tuesday, January 8th. The episode features 13 of the most beautiful male doctors in America, so duh Blake's handsome face is joining in on the fun.

Credit: The Doctors Photo: Watch: Blake Julian Coming to TV's The Doctors — as One of America's "Most Beautiful Male Doctors"

Make sure to check your local listings to find out when you can see Blake's big debut on The Doctors — and fingers crossed that he'll take off his shirt and let the camera zoom in on his abs. You know, for science

Source: Twitter / The Doctors / The Doctors