Credit: Blake Julian's Twitter Photo: Blake Julian Competes in Triathlon

Wow,  Bachelor Nation has some seriously fit and competitive citizens! Okay, we already knew that after seeing them all parade their beach-ready bodies around the Villa de la Vina, fighting to win either true love or a big cash prize. When Bachelor Pad is off season, however,  they’re putting their hard bodies and winners’ mentalities to work in triathlon competitions. Blake Julian is just the latest to complete one of these grueling three-leg races.

Last month, Tenley Molzhan, Kiptyn Locke, and Roberto Martinez competed as a group in a triathlon and looked great doing it. And just last week Roberto finished his first solo triathlon. While Roberto had a better finishing time than Blake, we feel it’s only right to point out that Blake’s triathlon had an obstacle course — what, a regular triathlon would have been too easy, Blake?

Seriously, just thinking about that makes our legs wobbly.

Source: Blake Julian’s Twitter, Men’s Health Urbanathlon, Cadence Sports

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