Believe it or not, there was a time before Blakeley Shea was flaunting her bikini body on Bachelor Pad 3. And a time before she was "waxing p*ssies" (her words). Yep, back in ye olden days, Blakeley trolled around North Carolina's hottest club, Suite Charlotte, wearing nothing but a sexy corset and her boobs.

Check out this flashback picture of Blakeley and her lovely lady lumps –– she looks beyond amazing! Sure, we have some reservations about that crop of glitter masquerading as a necklace, but whatever. Girlfriend was in costume for her job as a VIP host. But if you're in the mood to judge, please check out Blakeley's blonde friend and her faux hair band. We're so worried about that thing.

Also, we have a sneaky suspicion that somewhere in Portland, Oregon, Blakeley’s ex Tony Pieper is spilling one out for the loss of such beauty in his life. While simultaneously doing push-ups and talking about his son, naturally.

Source: Instagram