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Blakeley Shea has always had a rockin’, enviable bod, which she has showed off plenty on Bachelor Pad 3 and The Bachelor. Between her sweet smile, boobalicious rack, and bombshell bum, we can’t imagine how she could look any better.

But on April 4, Blakes posted pics of her amazing body transformation, which relied on a grueling workout schedule of ten workouts a week, with dozens of personal training appointments. In the sixty days since she started the experiment, she’s toned up everywhere, and looks even better than she could have imagined. Check it out:

Credit: Instagram

At the 45 day mark, Blakeley posted some thoughts about her transformation: “Over the past year I've been through A LOT...” she says of her time on BP3, which ended with a brief engagement to show partner Tony Pieper. “I lost focus on myself and who I was. I've always been the type of person that if I set my mind towards something I go after it and I asked myself why should my health/body be any different?! So I made myself a promise, a promise to just TRY and give it MY all, a 100% bc that's all I can ask of myself.”

As for her gym commitment, she explains, “I started going to the gym twice a day 5 days a week and training w/a personal trainer 2 out of the the 5 days. My trainer gave me guidance on what I should be eating and taught me that my body will respond as long as I give it the right fuel. I've never been so dedicated to something and I am so PROUD of myself for what I've accomplished over the past 45 days... physically and mentally.”

Wow. Sounds like she’s already in a better place and getting — and looking, natch — better every day. Without a hint (okay, maybe a hint) of irony, we’d like to extend Blakeley a hearty “You go, girl!”

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