Blakeley Shea loved and lost on Bachelor Pad 3 but it seems that she’s left all her heartache and woes behind in a foamy trail of hot tub fluff. The gorgeous former Hooters waitress (yeah, we saw those cup-carrying skills at work) has probably made many a grown man weep with joy in her past life as a VIP hostess.

Blakely posted this throwback pic of herself in a side-boobalicious cleavarific (both real words, don’t worry) top and pleather skirt, with the caption “#tbt @djvice #republic #dj #vip #nightlife #charlotte #nc.” Oh, Tony Pieper, eat your heart out.

Since breaking up with fiance Tony, Blakeley has been making a living as an aesthetician and, we’re guessing, still makes the occasional gentleman break down in tears at her beauty.

Source: Instagram