Credit: ABC via WENN

ABC is currently on the hunt for their next Bachelorette (um, we're totally available...), and it looks like Sean Lowe's sexy-exy, AshLee Frazier, is still in the running! Which is slightly surprising, given her stone-cold exit from Sean 's Bachelor Season 17 love nest.

AshLee left Thailand without saying goodbye to Sean or her fellow contestants, and some fans worry that her behavior put her on the Bachelorette chopping block. Well, fear not! Chris Harrison says Ash is a definite front-runner.

"AshLee, I think, of anybody on the show, definitely showed that she is at a point in her life where she knows what she wants and is an incredibly strong, beautiful woman," Chris said during a recent conference call. "And you know, I think she's definitely ready for that and maybe more so than even Sean was, which is maybe one of the reasons it didn't work out. But she would be a good candidate as well."

Credit: ABC via WENN

Wait, so AshLee's flippant exit didn't ruin her chances? "No, not at all... [Her departure] was kind of reminiscent in many ways of Ben when he was broken up with by Ashley. And to me, I thought it was a brutally honest representation of what I think really happens and how I would feel in that situation," Chris says. "To me, it seemed like a very honest reaction to a situation... It was probably smart of her to walk away and not say something she'd later regret..."

AshLee will doubtless have a lot to chat about during the Bachelor Season 17 "Women Tell All" special, where she'll come face-to-face with Sean for the first time since their breakup. If girlfriend manages to tap into her emotional side, we're thinking her chances of being Bachelorette are better than ever!

Source: Reality TV World