The 83rd Annual Academy Awards nominations are going to be announced Tuesday morning, January 25, and Bachelor Rosemaster Chris Harrison will be on hand to kick off the “Road to the Oscars” live webcast at 5:30 AM Pacific Time.
Chris will introduce several brief segments that celebrate the year in movies, as well as the upcoming Oscar ceremony. Entertainment Weekly’s Dave Karger will join him to discuss movie trends from 2010 and how those trends might be reflected in the nominations. Following the announcement of the nominees at 5:38:30 AM, Chris and Dave will weigh in with their commentary. Who knew our Rosemaster was also a Filmmaster?

In February, Chris will host a 10-episode “Road to the Oscars” series for featuring Dave’s insights on each of the 10 films nominated for Best Picture. You go, Chris! Get down with your cinematic self.

You can catch Tuesday’s live webcast on on,,, and The official ceremony will take place on February 27.