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Anyone else notice how shiny the men’s faces are this season of The Bachelorette? In his Entertainment Weekly blog on Season 8, Episode 2, Rosemaster Chris Harrison mentioned the heat in Charlotte, N.C. — which may explain why Emily Maynard’s boyfriends really need to hit the powder room.

“I have to admit it feels a little strange to move into a whole new mansion,” Chris writes, of taping in Emily’s hometown instead of L.A. “Little things feel different and while it takes some getting used to, it’s pretty exciting. For me, little things like calling all the guys into the outdoor courtyard was a challenge. You might have noticed I was screaming like a mad man to get the guys to come outside to join me. I didn’t notice until I watched the show back that I had to yell so loud. Guess it wasn’t a good idea to have all the doors closed but it was so hot that day, the house was locked up.”

Maybe that’s why every time the guys go outside they look like they are sweating to death. If Emily has to look camera-perfect at all times, they should too!

Anyway, here are more highlights from the Rosemaster’s blog:

Ryan Bowers intimidates other guys: "When the first date went to Ryan, you could tell immediately that a lot of the guys were concerned. Ryan has a certain soft-spoken confidence that can be a little intimidating to some guys. Let me tell you, when Emily walked in that day, the guys couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked. One thing the guys kept saying about Emily is that they were blown away by how she looked in casual clothes. I mentioned last week that things were going to be a little different this time around and I think that was pretty apparent starting with this first date. Emily is a mother first and she wanted to make sure that the guys took that into consideration before going too far. Thankfully, Ryan stepped up and made it into a pretty fun day for the both of them. Other guys, though, may not have taken Emily’s motherhood too seriously and you’ll see a bit of that as the season unfolds."

More attempts to paint Kalon McMahon as the villain: "After an amazing day [with the Muppets], though, tensions were high as Kalon again ruffled some feathers. I think we’re seeing a trend here. Is Kalon right to be so singularly minded or should he let the other guys have their fair shots as well? I’ll let you be the judge of that."

Guys will step up their games: "I think reality really started to set in that night when Jef [Holm] got the rose. The guys started to see that they really needed to take advantage of that time. You’ll see a lot of guys really step up their game in the coming weeks. On a side note, whoever sent me the tweet that there’s something a little 'of' about 'Jef,' you got a good laugh."

Credit: Twitter Photo: Emily Maynard and Joe Gendreau Fly to Greenbrier

Hit the road, Joe Gendreau: "The last date of the week with Joe was at The Greenbriar. Emily was really excited about this date because this was a place she went a lot as a child. She was so thrilled to share that with Joe, but for some reason, she just didn’t feel a long-term connection with him and sent him home at the end of the night. Things don’t always go as planned, so Emily had to watch the fireworks show alone. It was a sad moment, but I think it really showed how seriously Emily is taking everything.”

Read Chris' full blog for more.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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