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Chris Harrison loves that Emily Maynard eventually tells one of her boyfriends to “get the f--k out.” As The Rosemaster has been saying for a while now, our Season 8 Bachelorette is “sweet right up till the time she’s not.” When someone crosses her daughter, Ricki, look out. That guy may not like Emily when she Hulks out, but Chris thinks viewers will.

But what about when the guys get mad? Chris gave some Episode 2 teasers to TV Guide, including what looks like some friction between season “villain” Kalon McMahon and boom box disco dancer Stevie. “I don’t like you,” we see Stevie tell Kalon, and Kalon responds, "I wouldn't like me either if I were you, bro."

"Kalon definitely — he might as well have drawn a huge target on his back by coming in a helicopter,” Chris told TV Guide, “but you know what, that's him. He's brash, he's eccentric, he's confident — bring it on." 

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Bachelor Pad 2 tiara princess Erica Rose said Kalon is the male version of her, so maybe he is the “bad guy” this season, but we still can’t dislike him. Yet.

By the way, Chris said the people who texted him during the premiere kept telling him "I love Ryan. He's gotta be the one." Guess that cute two-sided note paid off! Ryan Bowers gets the first date of the season, including baking cookies for Ricki’s soccer team.

Do you agree that Ryan is an early favorite? Or are you more into one of these other guys?

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