Credit: Ashley Hebert on Twitter Photo: Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum on August 14, 2011

We first brought this photo to you back in August... and it's just as cute now as it is then. We love Team Cupcake more every day. You?

Bachelorette Season 7 cutie JP Rosenbaum spent the weekend celebrating his grandfather’s 90th birthday in Boca Raton, Florida — and look who came along to meet the family!

On August 14, JP tweeted, “Flying thru those storms was nuts. Home sweet home! Never a doubt in my mind, but the rest of the fam LOVED the new fiancé @ashhebert

The future Mrs. Rosenbaum responded by tweeting this adorable photo of the pair, both dressed in white — and showing off pearly grins.

So what’s up next for the couple? Ashley’s currently still finishing up dental school in Pennsylvania — but JP’s promised to head up to Maine to visit her family soon, too. When a asked about her favorite present from JP so far, Ash responded,”A trip to Madawaska, Maine to spend a weekend with my family! :)) City boy in a small town! Can not wait. :))“

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