Just in case you may have temporarily forgotten — we’d like to take this moment to remind you that Ashley Hebert is quite possibly the luckiest woman in the entire world. Have any doubt? Just look:

Credit: Ashley Hebert on Twitter Photo: JP Rosenbaum on a Date in NYC with Ashley Hebert on August 19, 2011
Could her fiance, JP Rosenbaum, be any more adorable? We think not.

Ashley tweeted on August 19, “@jp_rosenbaum is not sober right now!!!!! Cutest thing everrrrrr!!!yfrog.com/h8m0byzj

Okay, so not everyone can spend their Friday nights at a bar in NYC, staring across the table at that gorgeous face all night — but thanks to Ashley’s TwitPic, at least we can pretend.

We’ll take as many cute JP pics as we can get!

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