Credit: Instagram Photo: Graham Bunn and DeAnna Pappas Stagliano in NYC on September 5, 2012

Looks like Graham Bunn might get another chance to rekindle his friendship with DeAnna Pappas (aka Deanna Stagliano)! DeAnna sent Graham packing after a slightly awkward hometown visit during The Bachelorette's 12th season, but fate has brought them together once again.

Hot Bunns tweeted this cute picture of himself and DeAnna in an NYC bar with the caption "Look who I found in NYC!!!" We're not sure if Graham was trolling around The Big Apple in the hopes of finding his lost love, or if these two just happened to run into each other, but one thing's for sure. They're adorable!

Ironically, Graham was interviewed shortly after being auf'd, and said he didn't think it would be "healthy" for him and DeAnna to be friends, adding "that would probably be the end for us — speaking or having any kind of connection."

Looks like this hunky basketball player has had a major change of heart! Do you think Graham and DeAnna should give their friendship another shot? Pending approval from DeAnna's hunky hubby, Stephen Stagliano, natch.

Source: Instagram / Reality TV World