Desiree Hartsock didn’t have much growing up — sometimes not even a roof over her head, unless the top of a tent qualifies. (Judging from some of our camping trips in more inclement weather, we feel comfortable saying “not so much.”) But since becoming the ninth Bachelorette, Des is living more than the American Dream — she’s living the Barbie dream. Not only did ABC put her up in the posh Bachelor Dream House, but they handed her the keys to a luxury convertible worth $200,000. Yeeowza!

According to ABC’s latest press release about the upcoming season, which premieres May 27, Desiree’s fairytale starts with the sort of ride most of us only dream about — a Bentley convertible. For those of you who don’t read
Car & Driver religiously, the Bentley Continental GTC starts at over $199,000 — and that’s just the standard version. In fact, Des’s wheels could be worth nearly double that amount if she got one with all the bells and whistles.

Does Des get to keep the car, or is it a loaner? That we aren’t sure about. But what we
do know is this: if she gets to take it home, that Good News Bentley would make her the highest paid Bachelorette in history. Considering the typical Bachelorette gets paid $100k to dole out roses and break hearts, Des’s salary combined with this luxury ride would put her at at least $300k — that’s $50,000 more than reigning top-earner Emily Maynard’s quarter-of-a-mil for Season 8.

$300k? Not a bad trade-off for getting dumped by Sean Lowe, if you ask us!