If Emily Maynard really wanted Arie Luyendyk, Jr. to be open with her, why wasn’t she open with what she knew about him?

Emily kept asking Arie leading questions on The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 7 in Prague to get him to divulge that, oh yeah, by the way, many years ago, I dated your BFF, producer Cassie Lambert. Emily talked about it with Cassie — and viewers saw their exchange in Prague — but she just played a passive-aggressive game with Arie on their date instead of coming right out and telling him she knew about him and Cassie. It’s possible he would’ve told her something like, “Oh I was told not to tell you.”

Is it really secret-keeping to not drag that out on your second one-on-one date, out of nowhere? And why the heck did they have the Emily/Arie/Cassie resolution “off camera”? It made the whole thing so awkward, stilted and even more bizarre than usual. Not that it ended up mattering in the end. Emily just wants to kiss Arie and he probably could’ve dated Bentley Williams a few months ago and Emily would’ve been fine with it. And when he announced “I love you,” well, it was like Cassie who?