Chris Bukowski was having a great date with Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 3 — they climbed a building, confirmed each other’s hotness and took sides on whether they’d ever be brave enough to approach each other at a bar. Then he casually revealed that he’s 25 years old.

Emily’s overreaction was pretty classic. She looked like he just announced he was secretly a bisexual version of Bentley Williams. What? You ARE? Did you tell me that before? (Yes, he had).

But — is it really such a “red flag” to be one year younger than the person you date? After all, Emily is only 26, and last year, when she was 25, she got engaged to 38-year-old Brad Womack.

Em said she’s never dated anyone younger than her, but maybe that’s part of the issue. She equates age with maturity when she herself is proof that age ain’t nothin’ but a number — as she was a single mom at age 19 and is now the proud mom of a sweet little girl. And Brad? Brad’s practically ancient (kidding, come on!), and his recent “dodged a bullet” comment was just further confirmation that he’s not ready to be a husband and father because he's too busy with work.