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Are you as in love with Ed Swiderski and Michael Stagliano as we are? All the studs on Bachelor Pad 3 are some kind of wonderful, but Ed and The Stag have that certain "je ne sais quois" that puts them on our lady radar. Also, "je ne sais quois" is obviously french for "flying pickle."
Ed and Michael spent an evening with relationship expert Jen Kirsch, and she got the dirty on what turns these bad boys on. Note: You might want to grab a thong-kini for comfort, things are about to get real.

Ed and Michael's Biggest Turn-Ons:

1. Ladies who can hold their liquor.  So...that rules out everyone on Bachelor Pad. Shame. 

2. Ladies who will pay for their own liquor. Because trolling bars is expensive.

3. Ladies who don't talk about Bachelor Pad. It's called denial, guys.

4. Ladies who aren't know-it-alls. Keep your mouth shut, y'alls.

So, what have we learned? Ed and Michael are looking for booze-hounders with mad cash, who happen to be "the quiet type." After all, why speak English when you can speak in tongues? 

Source: Blonde Bronzed Twenty Something

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